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Chalk Up! Here Are 5 Brilliant Ways to Include QR Codes in Indoor Climbing

Unearth new and easy ways to bring digital resources to indoor climbing with QR Code technology!

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3 Pioneering Ways QR Codes for Senior Citizens Can Improve Service Design

What’s square, pixelated, and wants to hold a roundtable on service design for the elderly? Take a sit, the QR Code is just getting started.

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How to Upgrade Your Marketing with QR Codes at Trade Shows

Are you looking for a savvy marketing solution to incorporate at your next trade show event? Try using QR Codes at your next trade show!

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How using QR Codes for Pride Month Impacts Your Campaign

Need a fresh-off-the-racks campaign idea for Pride? Make a big impact by using QR Codes for your next Pride Month campaign!

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How to Upgrade Your Marketing by Using QR Codes for Recipes

Is your cookbook or recipe website getting lost in an oversaturated market? Get a marketing powerhouse on board with QR Codes!

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5 Cool Ways To Use an Engraved QR Code on Materials

QR Codes can be shape-shifted into any material you desire — where there’s a will, there’s a way! Explore the ingenious ways you can use an engraved QR Code today.

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5 Ways to Create a Spellbinding Lead Magnet with QR Codes

Unsure on how to generate more leads? We’ve got you covered. Attract new leads with an irresistible lead magnet with QR Codes!

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How to Use QR Codes at Farmer’s Markets for Your Vendor

Not getting enough foot traffic to your farm stall? Get tech-savvy, get QR Codes!

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QR Code Discovered on Byzantine Fresco in St. Nicholas Church

Trace the roots of April Fools’ Day across the Middle Ages and find out how it’s related to the Scottish "Huntigowk Day”.

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6 Unusual Practical Uses for the QR Code Bracelet

We know the missing piece of jewelry on your arm — it’s the QR Code bracelet, of course! Ready to accessorize and reap all the benefits?

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